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Due to the continuing and exceptional growth of Islamic banking and insurance sectors over the past few years and the increase of new start-up ventures, the demand of the consultancy services has increased. We at FACT pioneer the art of providing consultancy services in these businesses and sharing its know-how in the market and long experience in IT operation with our clients. The service includes offering ongoing enhancement and development of systems and infrastructure according to the evolving and latest business needs in a web-enabled world. This service is backed up by a professional team consisting of business consultants, project managers, system analysts, developers, quality assurance and networking/security engineers. FACT’s team of consultants provides and implements the right solution at the right place at the right time.


FACT’s training seminars bring you the latest high-tech and business trends from leading industry experts and highly trained IT and business professionals. The training centre is fully equipped with the latest technology equipments. Through FACT’s training programmes, the practical requirements of businesses’ personnel are addressed in order for them to meet new developments and challenges of the modern technology. We at FACT offer a ‘tailored training’ to help our client’s organisation to adapt to these challenges. FACT will work with the client to build training that is right for their business and for their organisation; each training package can be tailored according to the needs, priorities and timescales of the client.

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