ORA-BANK the future of Islamic banking Secured

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Banking Systems

ORA-Bank System is a fully integrated banking system designed to handle, control and support financial institutions’ front office and back office operations. Functionally, and technically ORA-Bank System is a product of 25 years of extensive banking expertise and development of core banking solutions. This permanent collaboration allowed FACT to constantly develop new features and modules in order to meet challenging and continuously evolving markets capabilities.

  • Covers all banking activities by being comprehensive and integrated

  • Facilitates all banking needs, easy to customize and fully parameterized

  • Enhances business performance

  • Speeds up transactions

  • Supports customer relationship activities by providing all the information a teller needs about a customer at his fingertips Inter-branch operations

  • Secure and maintains confidentiality

  • complies with the Islamic Shari'a principles in accordance with AAOIFI standards

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ORA-Bank Features

ORA-Bank offers the following characteristics:

  • ORA-Bank is web-based, secure, efficient, proven, multi-lingual ( English , Arabic and French) , multi-currency, real time on-line, 24x7, fully integrated, user friendly, menu driven, completely GUI, flexible, evolving, fully parameterised and easily customisable in order to meet the bank’s current and future requirements.

  • ORA-Bank is aligned to the International Standards including Accounting Standards, AAOIFI and SWIFT messages formats while meeting the local specifications.

  • ORA-Bank offers automated capabilities with default values based on user’s defined standard business rules and particular conditions

ORABANK Architecture

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