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Al-Haris General Insurance

Al-Haris Insurance

Nowadays, insurance is considered as an incredibly big business. It plays a significant role in every aspect of life and business. The industry promotes investment in the future economic growth of the whole region by using the premium income received to provide long-term capital for investment. It helps to fund public services and company expansion, earn foreign currency and generate tax. FACT Software Solution AL-HARIS A team of insurance business and IT experts developed AL-HARIS system to provide the highest quality of cost effective insurance management in the most appropriate setting .

  • Increase performance by operational efficiency

  • Real-time and accurate information at enterprise level

  • Easily adopted by insurance companies

  • Provide total security abiding to the international ethical business practices

  • Reporting and tracking capabilities that detail the view on the current business status and help examine the trend over a long period of time, etc.

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Al-Haris General Insurance and TAKAFUL Solution

Meeting Tomorrow's Insurance Demands Today

Al-Haris provides general insurance and TAKAFUL solution , which cover underwriting , claims and re-insurance modules ; through complying with the highest international standards and Islamic Shari'a. Al-Haris is a general insurance and TAKAFUL solution marked as a comprehensive and integrated solution with a wide range of insurance applications that involve all classes of business managed and handled by:


  • Manages multi location and fleet policies

  • Follow up premiums side by side with broker commissions

  • New class of business can be created through policy administration module

  • Predefined endorsements' wording according to endorsements' types


  • Keeps history of outstanding claims

  • Manages claims transactions on claim party level


  • Manages proportional treaties, XOL and Facultative reallocation

  • Efficiently handles difference in rate regarding facultative reallocation

  • Monthly or Quarterly reinsurer statements

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